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About Slate Roofing Sydney

Slate roofing Sydney is an exciting new project that we hope will get great results. Local Lead Marketing will be working with roofer Gerard Murphy in chasing organic rankings in the super competitive niche of Slate roofing. The existing competitors have beautiful websites and have clearly spent a lot of money on a range of […]

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Available Types of Slate Roof Tiles

When it comes to owning a home, there are many different types of repair projects that may need to be done. In some cases, they will require a significant investment of both time and money on your part. In other cases, you may not be able to care for the work because it is out … Continue reading "Available Types of Slate Roof Tiles"

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Five Common Slate Roofing Mistakes

Slate isn’t the least expensive roofing option that is available to install, although over time it can save money due to its longevity. So if you have decided you want to build a new house with a slate roof, or … Continue reading

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Hiring Roof Restorers in Geelong

Tips on Hiring a Professional Roofer to do a Roof Restoration in Geelong For most of the year in Geelong, high quality roof restorations are high in demand. Coupled with poor weather during the winter months that make restorations near impossible, decent roof restorers can get very busy during the warmer months. This is results … Continue reading "Hiring Roof Restorers in Geelong"

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Finding a Roof Restoration Company on the Central Coast

The population of the Central Coast has seen phenomenal growth in recent years resulting in many new houses and developments. As such, there are also many different types of roofing designs popping up and finding the right roofing company that can work on all types of roofs can be difficult. Roof Restoration Central Coast has … Continue reading "Finding a Roof Restoration Company on the Central Coast"

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The Best Roof Restoration Services Brisbane

To find a roof restoration service in Brisbane that will provide you with an excellent deal, you need to consider all of your options. Some companies will provide you with excellent services, but at a much higher price. Others will offer sub-average services whilst still maintaining high prices. It is all too easy to get … Continue reading "The Best Roof Restoration Services Brisbane"

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Gutters and Downpipes Newcastle – The Importance of Your Guttering System

Gutters and Downpipes Newcastle – The Importance of Your Guttering System

Gutters are one of the external features of the home that are sure to make many homeowners shudder. We know that they are an important part of the home, but they are also a massive inconvenience when they clog up. There are too many of us wasting our weekends away cleaning out the guttering and downpipes when we could be doing better activities. Clogged up gutters are a big problem as they can cause an overflow of water and also a fire hazard. There are two ways to continue here – either continue working on a poorly constructed system and clearing piles of smelly leaves, or redo the system and create something more effective. If you are ready to do the latter for gutters and downpipes Newcastle, you need to consider the following.

Building an effective guttering system to deal with the water and debris of the property.

Let us bring this all back to basics for a moment. A strong guttering system is one that collects all the rainwater from the roof and directs it into the drains. This is achieved through a system of gutter pipes that run along the length of the roof and down pipes that carry the water into the drain. Naturally, you need to make sure that the system is long enough to cover the required area, or else there could be leaks and run-off in unfortunate places. Measure the length and height of the walls carefully for a good-fitting system that carries the water reliably. With the pipes in place, you also need a good gutter guard to stop all those leaves and all the mess from clogging up the system. There is a good chance that your guttering is ineffective because this is now missing or broken, especially on an older property. It is a simple addition that can save time and energy later on.

In addition to the practical aspects here, there are also the aesthetic ones.

The look of a guttering system may be the least of your concerns when it isn’t working, but this is still worth keeping in mind. The guttering is a prominent part of the outside of the home and the style and colour are important. Some homeowners prefer a square system while other like the rounded look. There are different colour choices available to match in with the colour of the roof or fascia. A good match can allow the guttering to blend in more. Remember that this is all important when considering the curb appeal of the home and any future sales.

A strong guttering system really is important for all homes.

We can take the gutters for granted quite easily – to the point where we forget they are there until we notice a problem and need to clean them. They are an important part of the roofing system with a strong impact on the function, security and look of the home. Take the time to choose an attractive, effective new system for gutters and downpipes Newcastle, and you will be rewarded in the long term.

If you’re in the market for gutters and downpipes in Newcastle, our team will be more than happy to assist you in assessing your needs, discussing available options, styles and colours, and of course we can carry out the installation for you. Easily get in touch with us on our Contact Us page.

Colorbond Roofing Newcastle

Colorbond Roofing Newcastle

Colorbond roofing from BlueScope has been installed on new builds and renovations across Australia for decades now. The first products were rolled out back in 1966, and the company has been working on improvements ever since. This option remains an attractive solution for all those that are looking for a durable, reliable form of roofing. In addition to this, it also promises to be “energy smart”. If you are looking into a colorbond roofing Newcastle installation and this has been recommended, you need to know what it is you are buying into, and how to get a good deal.

What is colorbond roofing and why is it so appealing to homeowners?

It is all about durability and reliability with these roofing panels. They are designed to be the best possible option for Australian roofs because of the severe weather conditions that are seen here. The climate in this country is incredibly diverse, with some areas experiencing extreme heat and dust and others getting a lot more rain and storms; and even some getting both! It sounds like it should be impossible to find a roofing material that can handle all of this, but this is where BlueScope’s product is different. It is designed to withstand high temperature extremes, rain, wind and dust, with no corrosion or rusting. In addition to this, there is the promise of energy efficiency. Almost every form of colorbond includes solar reflectance technology to improve thermal efficiency. Furthermore, the lighter tones are also solar reflective.

Over the years, colorbond roofing has developed to provide a better experience for the consumer.

The most simplistic example of this is the choice of colours on offer. The best way to tap into a consumer market is to offer choice, and what better choice than the ability to choose a tone of corrugated metal that doesn’t look like steel. There are 22 different tones in total that are said to reflect natural colours of the Australian landscape. This means that those looking for a colorbond roofing Newcastle installation can be sure that this modern product has a sympathetic look. The other development is in the use of technology to improve the performance of these roofing panels. The company brought in their Activate tech in 2013 to improve efficiency even further. It is all about making sure that those 5 layers perform to the best of their ability.

color bond roofing Newcastle

If you do decide to go ahead with a colorbond roof installation, it is important to do so properly.

Colorbond is a great tool for saving energy, protecting a property from the elements and providing coverage for many years. However, this is only the case if homeowners and developers get the best materials and hire the right roofers. First of all, you need to make sure that you have genuine colorbond panels ready to go – not some knock-off that claims to have all the right layers and tech. Secondly, you need an installation team (ones such as those expert roofers at Roof Restoration Newcastle) that can fit it correctly against the property for a secure roof with no safety issues. With all of this in place, you can enjoy a durable, attractive roof adding value to your home or building.

Roof Restoration Lake Macquarie

It is pretty much common knowledge that a roof is a critical component of a building. Some of us may give more thought to their roofs than others but given our experiences, it’s safe to assume that most of us take their roofs for granted. This can result in pretty poor looking roofs and roofs that are in terrible condition.

We have a team of expert roofers who are experienced in roof restorations Lake Macquarie and are happy to work on all types of roofs including metal and colorbond roofs, and tiled roofs.

Generally speaking a roof restoration will have the average roof looking as good as new again. And you will be impressed with the cost and how much better your home looks. A roof restoration can also add value to your home, making it more presentable and easier to sell.

Many homes in the Lake Macquarie region are quite older and so are their roofs. Roof components such as ridge capping, valleys, flashing, gutters and downpipes can all need attention for a lot of homes in Lake Macquarie. A roof restoration generally will include resolving problems with the roof and guttering systems, includes cleaning (which can be amazing just by itself) and applying protective coating.

If your roof is coated with moss and lichen and dirt, then it could be a good candidate for a roof restoration also because a restoration will remove all moss, lichen and dirt and really have the roof looking like new again.

Our service includes a free inspection and quote – we will happily come to your place at a time suitable to carry out a free inspection of your roof and give you a written quote. We are experts at listening to our clients and their concerns and what they requirements are. You’ll find dealing with our team a pleasure.

Our services in Lake Macquarie include;

  • Metal & tile (terracotta & concrete) roof repairs
  • Roof restorations
  • Roof cleaning & painting
  • Roof replacements
  • Re-roofs and new roofs
  • Gutter & down pipe – replacements & installations

Our team are all hard working, reliable and professional and we pride ourselves in producing only the best quality of work so that we all can have piece of mind that your roof is in great condition after we have finished working on it.

4 Tips to Lookout For

Just how much notice do you take of your top of your house? A lot of people might not even understand precisely what kind of roofing they have!

If you're similar to some of my clients then the answer would be never.

Having said that, how do you know if your roof needs work and what indications are a sign of issues? Unless you recognize such things, look for the advice of a professional (obviously such as myself at - immoral plug).

Typically, like many things in life, little problems with your roofing system will go unnoticed up till those issues end up being substantial problems. Considerable problems with a roof system can then affect other areas of the structure producing a snowball result.

Below we have written about some indicators to watch out for which might reveal to you that you require a roofing system restoration, a roof replacement, or at minimum an examination.

General Look and Visual Appeal

Your roofing system has a significant impact on the appearance of your home considering that its area is such a huge part of your home. A tired and old looking roof will negatively affect your houses look, and ultimately have a negative impact on the value of your house.

The roof has a hard job - it has in fact been put in to deal with the environment and secure your home from them. It's no surprise that after time a roofing system can look tired and run down.

One concept to consider roof restoration is to enhance the appearance of your house. restoration of your roof will have your roof looking brand-new which in turn will improve your houses look and value.

Next time you are outdoors, stop and look at your roofing - utilize a ladder if needed - and analyze its state and presentation. If you can not work out exactly what colour your roofing system is, likewise if moss and lichen are there, then these are compelling reasons to consider restoring your roof.

Dislodged or Broken Tiles, Broken or Missing Ridge Capping

These concerns are more extreme than appearance - any problems among these might quickly allow water and other undesirable items into your home. Despite the fact that water brings life, it can be very damaging to a homes internals.

Examine your roof carefully and consistently. Try to find any broken, harmed, removed, or missing tiles or ridge toppings. If your roofing is of the metal type, look for rusty, raised or mis-aligned roofing sheets.

If you find any of the above faults, you must call a professional (Roof Restoration Newcastle - also see our Google Business Page) instantly for suggestions. It is possibly the case that a total roofing system restoration is not required and some small repair will repair the issues.

Internal Examination

If your roof looks fine after an external inspection, or you simply can not see it properly enough to inspect, then an internal assessment should be done routinely.

Make sure you cover your whole home, going from space to area, look completely at the cornices, ceilings, and walls and examine that there is no discolouring that might indicate a water leakage. Any mould present may also reveal a concern with a leaking roof.

Roof Life Expectancy

One evident benefit of having a roof restoration done is merely to prolong the life of your roofing. A restoration can be performed for a fraction of the expense of a new roofing system, saving you a great deal of money in the long run.

About Roof Restoration Newcastle

Roof Restoration Newcastle specialises in roof restoration and roof replacement work servicing Newcastle and surrounding areas. We are partners with local specialists who have a a track record of reliability, trustworthiness and quality of workmanship. 

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